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Amber Rose Before And After Butt Implants Plastic Surgery

Amber Rose has been accused of getting butt implants! Before and after pictures reveal that the plastic surgery increased the size of her butt significantly. Her butt size looks literally twice as big now. She went from a having flat booty to a famously stuffed butt. That being said, she didn't the the "butt implants" that we all think she got. Amber Rose actually got a popular plastic surgery procedure known as "butt injections." This is where the plastic surgeon actually inserts fat into you butt as opposed to silicon implants. The result looks much more natural this way.
There was a recent scandal with Amber Rose involving the "Black Madam" of butt implants. Kanye West allegedly dropped Amber off to see her about a butt consultation back when they were dating. However, she apparently decided to go with a different surgeon. Here's what the Black Madam had to say, "I was the best, and I don’t mean that to be cocky."

Amber Rose Butt

Amber Rose Butt Implants

We don't need to hear a testimonial from the Black Madam to know that Amber Rose got butt implants though. You have to literally be blind to not notice the difference!

Amber Rose Butt Implants

Amber Rose Before And After

Amber Rose Plastic Surgery