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Al Pacino Plastic Surgery, Wig And Bald Pictures

Al Pacino wig photos reveal the fact that he is nearly bald. While he may have gotten some subtle facial plastic surgery, he undoubtedly wears a toupee. This before and after picture shows him with a rather thin looking head of hair to the left. Yet he has a full head of hair to the right. It's overwhelmingly obvious that he wears a wig much of the time.
Al Pacino Plastic Surgery
Here we can see Al Pacino back in the 70's when he had a full natural full head of hair. The wig he's wearing in the after picture gives him an unnaturally perfect hairline.

Al Pacino Wig

We can see where the bald spot on the side of his head is.

Al Pacino Wig

Do you think Al Pacino looks better with or without a wig on?

Al Pacino Bald