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Adrianne Palicki Boob Job Plastic Surgery

While many believe Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki has gotten a boob job, she probably hasn't. In fact, it's unlikely that this natural beauty has gotten any plastic surgery (other than possible Botox injections). The main reason people believe she's gotten breast implants is because of how far spaced apart her breasts are. It's uncommon for women to have natural breasts that are that perky and spaced out.
Adrianne Palicki Boob Job
Dr. John Di Saia doesn't believe Adrianne Palicki has gotten breast implants having this to say, "From the looks of things she is probably without implants or she went really small on them so it is hard to tell. This one is an almost a certain 'No' at least as of the time this image was taken."

Adrianne Palicki Breast Implants

Here's Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman - this is where the boob job rumors really started. Her breast size is certainly getting some help from that  Wonder Woman outfit - it's acting similar to a girdle. Overall, it looks like Adrianne Palicki is plastic surgery free!

Adrianne Palicki Plastic Surgery